Narrative Essay Writing

Storytelling, such as narrative essay writing, is one of the oldest tradition common to all of humanity. It is the reason why we know so many things today. Without the ability to tell a story, there will never be a history, and without it, there will be no claim to immortality. But even if you don’t intend to immortalize anyone by telling a story, being able to deliver stories in your writing can be a good way to entertain or persuade people. By narrating a story, there will be little resistance in absorbing the point of your essay. Such is the power of narrative essay and using different styles of narrating the story creates a different aura for the characters as well as for the story.

Narrative Essay Writing – Using a Third Person Point of View

Among all the ways of narrative essay writing, using the point of view of a third person is probably the earliest style. It is the point of view used in children’s stories. It is also used in stories that needed a detached feeling in the story. The omnipresent (third person) narrator knows everything that goes on in the story, including all thoughts and feelings of the character. Its only limit is that it can’t reveal everything all at the same time so a structure is still needed. This type of narration removes all of the mystery that might distract the reader. If the story itself is all that matters – not the feelings it generates or the mental challenges it presents – then this is the style to use. In the end, this provides for a great moral arbiter if your essay is about topics like morality.

Narrative Essay Writing – Using a Second Person Point of View

Second person narrative essay writing creates a more intimate relationship both to the reader and to the characters of the story. While using a third person point of view is closer to the reader, the second person is somewhere in the middle of the reader and the main character – somehow like a mutual friend. The difference here in this type of narrative essay writing is that now, the narrator is involved in the development of the story which makes the point of the story more valid because of the “first-hand experience” that the narrator had.

Narrative Essay Writing – Using a First Person Point of View

A first person narrator is the most sympathetic point of view. Since the narrator is just human in this kind of narrative essay writing (unlike the third person), there is still some mystery attached to the other characters and their sorrows, pain, and joy are all seen from his point of view – he may not even be aware of himself. It is as if the reader himself is learning of the story through the eyes of the first person. By making the narrator more human, the reader’s empathy will be more involved and the point of the story will make an emotional appeal.