The GFDL Modular Ocean Model (MOM)

Posted March 20, 2002,19:16
Institution: GFDL
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The GFDL Modular Ocean Model (MOM) is a three dimensional primitive equation ocean model based on the pioneering work of Kirk Bryan (1969). Early implementations of this model were carried out by Mike Cox during the late 1960s. In the early 1970s Bert Semtner rewrote the model to take advantage of vector computer architectures. The model was rewritten again by Pacanowski, Dixon, and Rosati (1991) using ideas of modular programming to allow for more options and increased model flexibility. The original objective of this development was to build a tool for numerical modeling of the large-scale (basin-wide or global) ocean circulation using then-current algorithms based upon decomposition of the ocean into rectangular boxes of variable size, and the use of low-order finite differences approximations.

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